School PR

The New Imperative For Public Education: Branding and Marketing Your School

June 9, 2016

The New Imperative for Public Education_board-751991_1280-1200x789

By: David R. Voss from SEEN Magazine Public education used to be a monopoly. No competition. Every year the students simply showed up, and most people loved and supported what…

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Community Engagement – Why Leveraging Mobile is Critical for Communication

April 27, 2016

Community Engagement - Why Leveraging Mobile is Critical_Mobile-communication-Collage-1200x400

Leading schools and school districts are reinventing how they are communicating with key stakeholders in their school communities. Here’s their secret…use mobile applications to reach parents, students, teachers, and school…

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What Parents REALLY Want From School Communicators…

April 18, 2016

Diversity of Casual People Communication Technology Concept

Just how involved do parents want to be in daily school communication? A recent survey found the answer to be quite telling. Over 55% of parents and guardians expect to…

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