Mobile App Development

A Global Initiative Brings Together 800+ Students and 18 Teachers From Around the World to Create #appsthatmatter

March 7, 2017


In their second year of collaboration, MAD-learn by Crescerance and Vicki Davis of Westwood Schools in Camilla, GA announce the global expansion of their “MAD about Mattering” collaboration, teaming the…

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Students Making Mobile Apps That Make a Difference – MAD About Mattering

May 3, 2016

Students Making Mobile Apps that Make a Difference_MAM-Girl-with-Sparkler-1200x800

Today’s generation of students are connected with technology more than any other generation. Inspiring this generation to use technology to resolve social problems is of the utmost importance. Did you…

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Mobile App Development in the Classroom Can Boost Student Engagement Leading to Improved Testing Outcome

April 7, 2016

Mobile App Development in the Classroom Can Boost Student_Dollarphotoclub_93398378-1200x772

Does technology in the classroom really boost student testing outcomes? The jury is still out on this, but what has been proven is that the use of technology in the…

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Teaching Students How to Build Mobile Apps from the Top-Down

March 21, 2016

Teaching Students How to Build Mobile Apps from_Dollarphotoclub_70854233-1200x1437

Computer programming, coding, mobile app development – oh my! Nowadays, you’d think you’d need an engineering degree just to decipher what these terms really mean, right? Like with any other…

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