4 Ways to Prep Your embrAPP for the New School Year

June 30, 2016

4 Ways to PrepYour embAPP_cell-1344985-1200x800

While students may be kicking back to relax or in the heart of summer activities, educators are often hard at work thinking ahead for the new school year. Your embrAPP…

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The New Imperative For Public Education: Branding and Marketing Your School

June 9, 2016

The New Imperative for Public Education_board-751991_1280-1200x789

By: David R. Voss from SEEN Magazine Public education used to be a monopoly. No competition. Every year the students simply showed up, and most people loved and supported what…

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5 Tools to Enhance Parent-Teacher Communication

June 8, 2016

5 Tools to Enhance Parent Teacher Communication_placeit-5-1200x900

As technology continues to evolve, so should parent communication. Schools and their teachers have a great opportunity to enhance communication and parent engagement by utilizing available technology tools. Here are…

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A Balanced Look into School Social Media Policies

June 7, 2016

A Balanced Look into School Social Media_girl-1328416_1920-1200x848

When discussing social media policies,  there are two major federal policies educators must consider, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of 1998 and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)…

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10 Can’t Miss Education Conferences Happening This Summer

June 3, 2016

10 Can't Miss Education Conferences_beach-reading

  Summer is upon us and in between a little sea and sun many educators take the summer season as opportunity for personal development.  Professional Development is found to be…

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This new embrAUX update makes for better end-user experience

May 27, 2016

This New embrAux Update makes for better_1

The new embrAUX update allows users to easily navigate through their apps by adding a button to the HTML screen that links internal and external screens.   Follow these steps…

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May 13, 2016


Georgia School Board Association MEMBER ENGAGEMENT THROUGH MOBILE  ASSOCIATION BACKGROUND              The Georgia School Boards Association represents Georgia’s 180 elected boards of education. Their mission…

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May 9, 2016

Top 5 Must-Have Initiatives in 21st Century-1200x794

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Community Engagement – Why Leveraging Mobile is Critical for Communication

April 27, 2016

Community Engagement - Why Leveraging Mobile is Critical_Mobile-communication-Collage-1200x400

Leading schools and school districts are reinventing how they are communicating with key stakeholders in their school communities. Here’s their secret…use mobile applications to reach parents, students, teachers, and school…

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April 18, 2016


SCHOOL BACKGROUND Haysville West Middle School is one of two middle schools in Unified School District 261 – Haysville Public Schools in Kansas. With 575 students in grade levels 6-8, the…

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